1. I wrote this a long time ago and recently found it.

    I spotted the alarming bloke,

    his posture slumped and hooded cloak.

    his slow approach, with shuffled feet,

    anicipation! he’s going to speak!

    "have you ever seen…" he started bleek,

    HOOD WHIPPED BACK, “A duck…wif teef? >:A



  2. The people in the box

    I wrote this poem about an IRC community but I imagine it can probably be applied to many internet communities that we’re a part of here inside of our glowing idiot boxes.


    I had hoped to gather friends,

    and fill my days with chats.

    I’d hoped to achieve pleasant ends,

    and sit and chew the fats.

    With friends from ‘round the globe I’d talk,

    and topics we would probe and gawk!

    We, the people in the box.


    I learned a great too many things,

    from We, here in the box.

    That words can hurt worse than bee stings,

    or itchy chicken pox.


    It seemed as though that We had learned,

    to tailor words to hurt.

    Some hatred flung, some insults burned, 

    some curt and careless blurts.


    We did have love,

    so don’t be hasty,

    to judge us box folk,

    dark or pasty,

    as wholly hating Us…


    Our friendship keeps right on enduring,

    the petty fights and fuss.


    Inside the box we keep immuring,

    Us within, sometimes maturing,

    sometimes adjusting, but never curing,

    Our loving hatred,

    for Our Us.


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    Please world. I need to play this.

    Scum of the Earth by Rob Zombie came on when I saw this and that song + this gif is pretty damn cool

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  6. TRUTH

    1. <IRCNICK> why does almost all pop music today sound like rave music from 2000
    2. <IRCNICK> is what I wanna know

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    catch the wave

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  8. this is much better than the keep calm thing.

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  9. new Assassin’s Creed has me pirate trippin’

    This was named Amplexus_Pirate_by_skinpupcoss.jpg so I imagine you can find the source at http://skinpupcoss.deviantart.com


  10. idk man


  11. Please

    Please don’t look at my tumblr or reblog any of my posts if you are a MLP fan. Thank you very much, have a nice day :)


  12. Haha! If I don’t laugh I’ll cry.

    Just looked at my reblogged posts. I…I thought vegans were supposed to be smart, loving, understanding, compassionate people…but it turns out most of them are just latching onto a subculture so that they can feel like they’re a soldier for a cause bigger than themselves. This breed of misguided, narrow mindedness is even more dangerous than others because it touts love and compassion as the foundation of the entire vegan culture. The two warm fuzzy emotions are used as the first and last arguments of a fanatical-lookin’-for-converts-vegan because if you argue FOR love and compassion it implies that the other person has no love or compassion and is arguing against it. It was about love and compassion when you watched that video of the cow in the grinder and felt bad and made a conscious decision to stop contributing to that. It’s no longer about love and compassion when you start attacking other humans, verbally or otherwise, in an attempt to recruit. You’re just looking for something more important than your meaningless life to fight for, you’re just angry and disappointed with the world as a whole and don’t know where to direct that anger, you’re just like the rest of us…and I love that about you because that’s what I hate about me.

    P.S. I do love me some fruit juice/almond milk smoothies so thanks for the heightened popularity of stuff like that, Vegan-Soldiers, it’s a 100% positive and healthy result of your fight~


  13. "Didn’t anyone tell you to respect your elders!?"

    Respect is earned, not demanded. It makes no difference to me whether you’re 8 or 80.


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    Chris Thornley

    Love the look of this. I want that bike.

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  15. Lol, this is a good troll.

    I bet some vegans actually believe this. Lol brains.